Traveling is an exciting thing to experience. Travels used to be solely made during extended vacations, booked via a travel planner or a tour company. However, in modern times, travel has become more recurrent and specific. There are more carbon-reducing and cost-effective ways to get around, as travelers now opt to travel by train, boat, or car.

There we go – 2019 is fast approaching, and it is pertinent to keep you updated on the latest trends. It’s not too early to make plans for your International trip.  Here are some of the travel trends for 2019:


Green Travel

Green Travel has to do with both ‘ecotourism’ and ‘Sustainable Travel’. Many travelers continue to get behind the ‘go green’ initiative in their travel life. With sustainability and the environment taking center stage, young people especially are preoccupied with the state of the world in which we live and traveling green is just a part. This makes green travel huge for the coming year.

Eco-tourism provides students with extra educational opportunities, in the form of trips to national heritage sites and nature reserves, which serve as sources of inspiration and information in their greenway adventure.

There’s an increasing amount of requests to make trips, sustainably, to national parks, wildlife refuges, and other natural areas beyond big cities. We also covered a few articles on green travel on this website.


Historic Travel


This is one of the fastest growing tours as many people are seeking their Ancestry and preferring to visit their homeland to learn about their Ancestors’ history. While you might not think of this as a significant up-and-coming travel trend, historic travel is on the increase especially across the United States, in the student/group travel industry. Some of the highly requested places include civil rights sites, civil war sites, and notable American civilian homes, among others.



Theater Travel


As theater travel is also on the rise, it makes it an important travel trend for 2019. Students make trips to theater workshops where group performances are made. This also includes the Performing Arts program annually. Drama students, especially, get an education that’s personal and experiential they tour to famed theatrical destinations such as Broadway in New York City. Also, Disney’s famed Y.E.S. Program in Orlando offers students a chance to learn more about their dramatic or theatrical aspirations. This student adventure also provides professionally-led workshops.



Foodie Tours


Who doesn’t love food right? Food tours are made to restaurants off the beaten path. They highlight regional and ethnic cuisine. In such case, you can integrate yourself in the local community and visit some of the areas on a food tour. In 2018, culinary travel was the ruling trend and continues to be at to fore. This makes foodie tour one of 2019’s big food-related travel trend. There is almost no big city that provides at least a Foodie Tour, from Brooklyn Chocolate Tour to Savannah’s Southern Charm Sidewalk Tours and many European destinations. You’ll get, in all your favorite cities, all your favorite foods.



This is an opportunity not just for those having culinary inclinations, but also for those who seek to understand the nexus that exists between food and culture. Explore various ethnically-diverse food wonderlands for their culinary treasures!


The Smokies

Though ‘the Smokies’ might not appear as a popular travel trend; however, it is becoming one of the top travel destinations in 2019. This is because staying in national resorts, especially in the Smoky Mountains, is getting into the head of several groups. Cabins in the hills are among the most popular 2019 lodging choices, and so also it is, with views like those in the Smokies.




Small Town Travel

There is a paradigm shift in the destinations most travelers visit. This is the preference for lesser-traveled local towns, including outskirts, and communities distant from the big cities crowding. This helps to promote and boost more local business and also affords travelers the opportunity to come into contact with local culture. Travelers’ interests are now driven by the unknown and unseen, probably as a result of the over-tourism of famous cities and destinations.






Canadian Travel


It was named T+L’s Destination of the Year in 2017. Canada’s tourism scene in 2018 certainly did not slow down and is only seeking to gain more momentum in 2019. Canada provides you with an incredible fusion of cultures, culinary delights, and some of the most stunningly beautiful natural scenery in the entire world.


Winter Resorts

2019 seems to be on the side of real winter wonderland travel as many people continue to make winter-themed escapes. These include, among others, snowboarding, skiing, mountain climbing, and cozying up in resorts close to snowy slopes (such as the world-famous slopes of Whistler n Canada). Students are also not excluded from these experiences and some others like enjoying a crackling fire in their choice of a mountain retreat.

Europe seems to be the home of some of the best Winter Resorts. It has lots of skiing and other activities. Switzerland, Italy, The Alps, Austria, and other surrounding areas are famous for World Class skiing. What a great treat to be a partaker in experiencing a completely different culture and a country at the same time.

Winter travel also offers snow enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the best of the season of cold weather. The sports during this period strike a chord with many young people. The United States features excellent winter sporting destinations like Aspen. Winter festivals (such as China’s Harbin Ice Festival) around the world continue to attract millions of visitors every year.


Artist & Influencer Lead Retreats

Artist and influencer-lead retreats took over the travel industry these past years, including 2018, and are still projected to make great exploits in 2019. It isn’t surprising that aspiring creators and influencers have led many followers and viewers to embrace artworks and brands they never were exposed to in the past. These creators are now venturing into the travel industry. Anticipate experiencing many more schedules and itineraries which individually inspire influencers and artists. These trips are centered around their specific audience.


Female-Centered Tours

Sorry for being gender-specific! However, with the upsurge in the number of female travelers out there, this tour will be an absolute WIN in 2019. We anticipate female-centered trips to take a huge upswing. Not only female-created tourism companies but also hikes, retreats, meetups, and itineraries will center around empowering women of the past. A great Canadian company that does this kind of tour is  You will see more and more of these kinds of agencies.



Instagram-Centered Trips

Trip itineraries that are centered around “Instagrammable” spots and sights are also being projected to be on the rise in 2019. In this modern age, travelers see photo sharing as a means of creating some memories. Therefore, it won’t be surprising to see tourism agencies start to integrate, into big trips, specific vistas, and Insta-famous sights, and scenes. Giving tourists an excellent value for their buck is a witty marketing move. Then, you would have to expect those spots to be more flooded with both tourists and selfie-sticks. This seems to be a good time for travelers to location more hidden gem spots to explore!

Sidetone: Incorporating a Google-Maps type of feature into the Instagram app will be of a significant benefit. A digital map will save travelers their bucket list tagged locations. That way, travelers using Instagram as a travel itinerary guide can easily access “off the beaten path” locations.

Nevertheless, this kind of trip may be controversial.


“Disconnected” Trips


As the society is flooded with the social media, we’re projecting more travel trips that focus on “disconnecting” from the digital world. AFAR Magazine already launched its digital detox campaign, an inspiring thought! The pledge is the commitment to embark on a trip without using your phone or computer. It wouldn’t be surprising to see hotels and more travel companies subscribe to this suit. Many more retreats are centered around seeking more presence and mindfulness; probably, more hotels and lodgings will have digital “off hours” or prevent them entirely. Tourism groups might choose to offer more travel unplugged/phone-free activities in both outdoors and beyond.

Is this type of trip possible in this modern world? Of course, it is! Apple’s recent concentration on finding a compromise between “real life” and tech attests to it.


Junior Tours


Since 1967, Junior Tours has been helping industrious teachers with exceptional educational tours and trips that not only enliven students studies but also live in their memories.

Learning is undoubtedly an adventure, and there can be nothing more adventurous than taking learning out to the outside world. Adventure, discovery, and education create a symbiosis which culminates in experiential learning that is indelible.


We are looking forward to 2019, where is your next destination?