Health Benefits of Travel


We travel for various reasons such as significant milestones, new experiences, to explore our backyard, among others. Some embark on it just because of their for travel. It should not be surprising that there are scientifically-measurable results that state and prove the health benefits associated with traveling. In case you see traveling as a mere waste of time and money, just take some moments to read below:


Travel decreases the chance of heart disease


While studying the cause of cardiovascular disease, the Framingham Heart Study revealed that those who did not regularly travel significantly risk heart attack or illness. Men who refused to vacation for several years were 30% more likely to suffer a heart attack as against those who did it consistently. Women who also vacationed only once in six years or less were also eight times vulnerable to suffer from or develop or a heart attack or disease compared to those who vacationed at least two times in a year.

Another study, sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in the US, studied 12,000 men who had high-risk coronary heart disease, for nine years. The results revealed that those who took vacation were 32% less likely to develop heart disease.



Travel promotes healthy aging

Trip challenges the brain with different and new experiences and environments. It, thus, becomes an essential behavior that supports brain health and speedy recovery from mental sicknesses (such as depression) throughout life (as revealed by Brain Health Center, Inc. in a study).

In another study carried out by the Global Coalition on Aging, it was revealed that healthy social habits and physical and mental activities related to travel had been proven to have beneficial effects on the psychological health of older adults.



Travel reduces stress and depression


According to the University of Pittsburgh’s Mind-Body Center, travel tour helps to treat depression and creates positive emotional levels. This was contained in a Marshfield Clinic study of about 1,500 women in rural Wisconsin. It was discovered that those who vacationed less than once every two years were more prone to suffer from stress and depression, as compared to those who vacationed at least twice a year.

Canadian researchers also revealed, in a study of 900 lawyers, that vacations worked to alleviate job stress by extricating people from the environments and activities that tend to be the causing factor. The Mind-Body Center also revealed in a study, that leisure activities, which included taking vacations, also decreases blood pressure and reduces waistlines.



Mental Health Benefits of Travel

Exploring the world around us is also good for the heart. Not only does travel bring us physical health benefits, but the benefits also extend to our mental health, as revealed by various studies. If you are yet to find a reason to travel, here are three of them that prove the importance of travel to the mind, body, and soul.


Travel Strengthens Your Sense of Self

When you meet people with distinct backgrounds and new environments, you would be able to create an individual stronger sense of self. According to a study on how travel boosts mental health, it helps you to grow and mature with cultural experiences different from your own beliefs and values systems. New cultures and environments afford you the opportunities to develop and practice mindfulness.


Travel enhances creativity

A study revealed that travelers who integrate themselves in new cultures and associate with new habits are more creative in the long run. The exposure to new experiences, surroundings, and cultures helps to stimulate the senses, thereby boosting creativity. The study demonstrates that experts who move abroad receive a noticeable boost in creativity as a result of the cultural distance (on the contrary, the study also reveals that experts who are exposed to an intimidatingly distinct environment do not partake in

the beneficial effect of creativity-boosting.)


Anticipating Travel Boosts Happiness

You begin to show happiness at the very moment you book your trip! According to research on the effect of anticipating travel, some researchers collected data on two groups of people – a trip-anticipating group and the non-trip-anticipating group. The investigation revealed that the vacation-going group was happier – while anticipating traveling, plus being happier with their family, health, and economic situation compared to the non-vacation going group.

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