In this first issue, we are going to start off by talking about some simple packing secrets that will help get you ready for your trip. When you are preparing to travel there are many different packing tips and guidelines that you can follow. Here is a quick list of time-tested packing techniques that you can use:


Packing list

First, make a packing list. This helps eliminate panic due to last-minute packing. It can also serve as a guide when repacking your things after your trip. It also helps just in case of your luggage gets lost, you can use it for recovery and claims.

When creating the list, check the events that you are going to and write down possible clothing options for each occasion you intend to attend. Choose outfits that go together well based on complementary colors. Or go back to the old reliable blacks and other dark-colored clothes.

After creating the packing list, lay out the things you intend to bring and check them again against your list. Segregate those you will bring and make sure they are all clean and ready to go.


Personal items

An all-purpose lotion is better than a different bottle each for hands, face and body. Bringing disposables (razors, toothbrush) is better than bringing the electric models.

Leave behind all those jewelry items you don’t want to lose, including any flashy items that attract thieves.



Leave behind the perfume. Scented lotions are good substitutes. Bring only personal items that are available in small travel sizes. (Many airports are now restricting the amount of liquids to bring inside airplanes. Check those in your destinations.)

Bring a small first aid kit with aspirins and other emergency medicines, sunscreen, and a multi-purpose utility knife. If you are flying pack this in your checked luggage because it is banned to bring on the plane.


The art of packing

Iron everything before folding it into the suitcase. Button all buttons and zip all zippers. T-shirts, jeans, skirts and sports coats may be rolled up and carefully stuffed inside duffel bags.

TIP: Always pack tightly. The insides of shoes are perfect for socks and underwear.

Label all the pieces of your luggage with your name and phone number (NOT your address). If an address is required, use your office address. and be sure to remove old claims slips to avoid confusion.


Travel documents and other papers

Always carry travel documents, medication, jewelry, traveler’s checks, keys and other valuables in your carry-on luggage. Items such as these should never be packed in checked luggage.

Unpack your luggage right away as soon as you arrive at your hotel. This will prevent further wrinkles.

When you are going home keep in mind that balled up and dirty clothes will not fit. So do your best to repack your clothes the same way you packed them at the beginning of your trip. This ensures that you will still have the same space as before.

Remember that packing is a very important aspect of the travel experience and by starting off with well-packed luggage you can be sure that you will have less stress on your trip!

Make sure you look at the next issue. We will be talking about some of the must-have travel gadgets.